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Watch ‘Tell Them of Us’ on Vimeo

Robert Crowder 1917 (c) WAG Screen

We are delighted to announce that you can now watch our WW1 film ‘Tell Them of Us’ on Vimeo. It costs as little as £1.00 to view. Click here to go to the Vimeo page.

Robert Crowder 1917 (c) WAG Screen

Robert Crowder 1917 (c) WAG Screen


Tell Them of Us – WWI Film Trailer

Starring Victoria Rigby, Adam Fox, Reece Ackerman, Susan Thorpe and Ian Atkinson

‘Tell Them of Us’, WW1 Film, now on DVD

WAG Screen now has a shop where you can purchase our WWI film, Tell Them of Us, set in the homefront in Lincolnshire. Follow this link for the shop.

TToU PAL_edited-2

TToU PAL_edited-1

Tell Them of Us – more screenings

The Collection, Lincoln, has added more screenings of Tell Them of Us, starring Victoria Rigby due to the demand.

The additional screenings are:

Wednesday 3rd December at 3pm

Saturday 6th December at 11am and 2pm

Sunday 7th December at 11am and 2pm

Admission is Free

There is an exhibition about the making of the film and the film’s costumes in the Courtyard Gallery at The Collection,  open daily from 10am until 4pm

Yeoman s

William Crowder (played by Adam Fox) in his Lincolnshire Yeomanry uniform


Our film aims to breathe life into the cold stillness of a WW1 war memorial.

Please support us if you can with our first production Kickstarter campaign for Tell Them of Us

TTOU Battle - bright red with poppy

The story of one Lincolnshire family during WW1…

Our costumier and producer has committed herself to two years unpaid work to help make this precious film happen and she is supported in this by some amazing people, from vintage vehicle owners to graphic designers, who are also committing their time and resources (often covering their own costs), which is helping us achieve high production values on a shoestring. We do a lot of bartering of skills too! We have been incredibly moved by the number of people who want to help us make this film as their way of paying their respects to the past. The making of this film has proved to be an extraordinary journey for all concerned.

However we still face costs, travel and food for volunteers, location fees, fees for musicians and our composer etc so please support us if you can. Thank you 🙂

Tell Them of Us

Grace readingWe have filmed a single short scene with Grace Crowder (played by Victoria Rigby) as a proof of concept and we have created a Twitter account: Tell Them of Us @ww1Film

All profits from the sale of our DVDs (The lady of Shalott and the Luttrell Psalter Film) will go towards the making of this film.

The Lady of Shalott is free to view!

We have released the Lady of Shalott dramatisation of the famous poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, free for everyone to view. Enjoy!