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WAG Screen is a community filmmaking group dedicated to telling stories of Lincolnshire’s history and heritage. We are currently making a film about a Lincolnshire family during WW1 based on their unpublished archive of letters from the front line, memoirs, scrapbooks and photographs. ‘Tell Them of Us’ is directed by Nick Loven and stars Victoria Rigby. It is funded by The Forces Covenant Fund and The Evan Cornish Grassroots Fund.


Watch ‘Tell Them of Us’ on Vimeo

We are delighted to announce that you can now watch our WW1 film ‘Tell Them of Us’ on Vimeo. It costs as little as £1.00 to view. Click here to go to the Vimeo page.

Robert Crowder 1917 (c) WAG Screen

Robert Crowder 1917 (c) WAG Screen


It’s a wrap!

After almost three years work on our commemoration of the outbreak of WW1`we have completed filming for the follow-up drama-documentary. Here is the cast and crew from our final day’s filming.

Photo by Stewart Wall

Photo by Stewart Wall

1918 – William’s Story

We filmed part one of William Crowder’s WW1 experience of the first day of the Spring Offensive, last weekend at The Trench in Surrey. William Crowder is played by Adam Fox. The drama documentary is directed by Nick Loven.

Here are some images from the shoot:

(c) Nick Loven screenshot

(c) Nick Loven screenshot

Trench 1

(c) Nick Loven screenshot


(c) Nick Loven screenshot

We have funding from the Crowder family, Crowder’s Nurseries, Loven IP Law and a Kickstarter campaign. We kept costs of this location shoot down by camping nearby and, thanks to Burton Hathow Preparatory School lending us their bus and driver for the weekend, we were able to transport the cast and crew for no more than the cost of the fuel.

Burton Hathow Preparatory School. Photo Keith Loven

Top row, L to R: Bryony Hooper, Tom Greenshield, Saffron Rogers, Lewis Gibbon, Tom Hinckley, Josh Curran, Pauline Loven, Davey Hughes, John Devlin, Director Nick Loven and Connah Lilleyman. Front row, L to R: Peter Halse, Alexander Pollard, Olly George, Ed Buxton, Mason Carter, Tom Lewin, Adam Fox and Lydia Staniaszek. Photo Keith Loven.

If you are interested in contributing towards the making of this drama-documentary, you will be helping us to create opportunities for young people today while honouring the youth of the past – to help please contact us.

Many thanks.

William’s Story – The Spring Offensive

Our 2014 WWI film ‘Tell Them of Us’, is the true story of one Lincolnshire family, made to commemorate the outbreak of WWI. Their story was told from the home front and the perspective of those left behind. It is now available on DVD.

One story remained untold however; what happened to William Crowder at the front which resulted in him receiving the Distinguished Service Order. The DSO was awarded to an officer for acts of gallantry under attack; so what exactly happened to William? Fortunately we have an account of his experience of the Kaiserschlacht and it is one of the most arresting and visually compelling WWI narratives I have read…

We are planning a documentary with some dramatised scenes. William was attached to the 51st Highland Division and his three telephonists were all Scottish. William will again be played by Adam Fox, but we currently casting for the three telephonists – especially that of Bombardier Baillie.

Here is the link to the crowdfunding campaign, William’s Story – please help support us if you can.

Tell Them of Us – WWI Film Trailer

Starring Victoria Rigby, Adam Fox, Reece Ackerman, Susan Thorpe and Ian Atkinson

Merry Christmas from all at WAG Screen!

‘Tell Them of Us’, WW1 Film, now on DVD

WAG Screen now has a shop where you can purchase our WWI film, Tell Them of Us, set in the homefront in Lincolnshire. Follow this link for the shop.

TToU PAL_edited-2

TToU PAL_edited-1