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Our film aims to breathe life into the cold stillness of a WW1 war memorial.

Please support us if you can with our first production Kickstarter campaign for Tell Them of Us

TTOU Battle - bright red with poppy

The story of one Lincolnshire family during WW1…

Our costumier and producer has committed herself to two years unpaid work to help make this precious film happen and she is supported in this by some amazing people, from vintage vehicle owners to graphic designers, who are also committing their time and resources (often covering their own costs), which is helping us achieve high production values on a shoestring. We do a lot of bartering of skills too! We have been incredibly moved by the number of people who want to help us make this film as their way of paying their respects to the past. The making of this film has proved to be an extraordinary journey for all concerned.

However we still face costs, travel and food for volunteers, location fees, fees for musicians and our composer etc so please support us if you can. Thank you :)

Photograph by John bennett on location in the former VAD Hospital in Horncastle.

Photograph by John Bennett on location in the former VAD Hospital in Horncastle. Right actress Tiffany Haynes and left, Lydia Staniaszek.

Tell Them of Us

Grace readingWe have filmed a single short scene with Grace Crowder (played by Victoria Rigby) as a proof of concept and we have created a Twitter account: Tell Them of Us @ww1Film

All profits from the sale of our DVDs (The lady of Shalott and the Luttrell Psalter Film) will go towards the making of this film.

The Lady of Shalott is free to view!

We have released the Lady of Shalott dramatisation of the famous poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, free for everyone to view. Enjoy!

Release The Lady of Shalott!

We will be releasing our film The Lady of Shalott, free, to the internet when our Lady of Shalott Facebook Fan page reaches 1,500 likes! More than that, we will then release the version we filmed of Tennyson reading the poem (to a Christmas audience in the 1850’s) when the total reaches 2,000. So help us reach 2,000 likes by Christmas and set The Lady of Shalott free!

The Lady of Shalott Film exhibition

Lady of Shalott photo John Bennett

The Lady of Shalott film, the set and costumes can be seen from March 16th 2011 at:

St Katherine’s, Heritage and Cultural Centre, South Park, Lincoln LN5 8LN

The exhibition is open Tuesday – Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm. Admission is FREE with a charge for some events. For more information please contact Kathy Holland 01522 572778

‘The Lady of Shalott’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

‘A new exhibition ‘The Lady of Shalott’ is now on display at St Katherine’s Heritage Centre, South Park Lincoln. The focus of the exhibition is the film dramatisation produced by WAGSCREEN of this famous and much loved poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Inside her isolated tower, the Lady of Shalott weaves the scenes of the outside world that she is cursed only to see through her mirror. Then day, she spies the knight Lancelot riding by, and she abandons her weaving to look through the window ‘……the mirror cracked from side to side…’

Visitors can see a magical dramatisation of the poem ‘The Lady of Shalott’ plus Alfred, Lord Tennyson reading the poem to an 1856 Christmas audience. Also on film is an interview between Ben Poole, actor and Grace Timmins from the Tennyson Research Centre and Dante Ferrara’s composition for the cittern, La Donna Di Shalott. The exhibition includes a recreation of part of the set plus some of the beautiful costumes produced especially for the film.

Visitors can also see a small selection of artefacts that belonged to Tennyson and are on loan from the Tennyson Research Centre. Younger visitors can try on some costume inspired by the film.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson was the most famous poet of the Victorian age, the first ever poet to become a lord and the first to amass a considerable fortune by his writing. His poetry defines the private and public concerns of the 19th century.

Tennyson was born in 1809 in Sommersby, Lincolnshire and grew up in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Although he left the county in 1837, the influence of Lincolnshire and its scenery is evident in his poetry throughout his life.

A programme of events and activities will accompany the exhibition.


Previous news


For more news and articles please visit the WAG Screen Blog, and for more information on the costumes used in our productions, visit the Period Wardrobe Blog.


Luttrell Psalter Film Blog

Because the making of the Luttrell Psalter Film was such an extraordinary journey, and because there are so many stories to tell, we have started to create a retrospective blog. The blog begins early in 2006 when Nick Loven, the director,first came up with the idea. Now read on – the making of The Luttrell Psalter Film.


WAG Screen wins another award!

We recently attended the Linconshire Heritage Awards and were surprised and delighted to receive, on behalf of WAG Screen and Orchard House Wardrobe, a ‘Commendation for Special Contribution to Museums’! Our film ‘Life at Church Farm’ was also commended.


Left to right: Nick Loven, Chris Roberts, Pauline Loven

Gainsborough Old Hall

WAG Screen is currently making a film for Gainsborough Old Hall. To find out more you can go to BBC Lincolnshire. To find out more about the cloth of silver gown worn by Queen Catherine Howard in the film go to the Period Wardrobe blog:

Catherine Howard and lady in Waiting small JB

Above: Queen Catherine Howard (right – Bryony Roberts) and her Lady in Waiting (left, Su Toogood)


A Victorian Christmas

Above: Lydia Staniaszek & Lizzy O’Reilly in The Lady Of Shalott Film‘s 1856 Christmas scene.
Picture: John Bennett


The Mini-Projects

We have been commissioned by local museums to produce two short films.

The first is for Church Farm Museum in Skegness, Lincolnshire, and offers a glimpse of life on the farm as it might have been in the 1900s.

Above: Screengrab from the Church Farm Museum film.
The second is for the new St Katherine’s Visitor Centre in Lincoln. The film depicts life on the Gilbertine Priory that once existed on the site.

Above: Screengrab from the St Katherine’s Visitor Centre film.

The films will be available to view at their respective museums soon.


The National Portrait Gallery and The Lady Of Shalott

Nick Loven, director of The Lady of Shalott Film, recently gave a talk in the Ondaatje Wing Theatre of the National Portrait Gallery in London on the making of the film.



Tennyson’s Bicentenary

2009 is the bicentenary of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s birth. Alfred Tennyson was born this day 200 years ago in Sommersby, Lincolnshire – 6th August, 1809.


The Lady Of Shalott DVD is available to buy now in our new secure on-line shop.


‘And around the prow she wrote, The Lady of Shalott’.
Above: Victoria Rigby as the Lady of Shalott.
Picture: John Bennett


The Lady Of Shalott Patron Is Knighted

We at WAG Screen would like to pass on our congratulations to our patron, the former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, on his knighthood. We are all delighted, Sir Andrew, that your important contributions to the world of poetry have been given proper recognition.

andrew_motion (1)
Above: Andrew Motion was appointed as Poet Laureate in May 1999.
Photograph By: Andrew Mealing


The Lady of Shalott Film is now showing at The Collection – Lincoln’s museum.

Lincoln’s Central Library is also hosting a ten day exhibtion on the making of The Lady of Shalott Film which includes the loom, the costumes, photographs and a children’s corner where kiddies can dress as the Lady of Shalott or Sir Lancelot.
The exhibition closes on 11th of June, 2009.


The Lady of Shalott Film premiere was a great success – thank you everyone!

Click Here to read the Lincolnshire Echo’s article on the premier!


The Lady of Shalott Film premieres today at the Odeon, Lincoln, at 10am!


The Lady of Shalott Film premiere is now fully booked.


The Lady of Shalott Film Premiere date released!

The Lady of Shalott Film Premiere will be held at Lincoln’s Odeon Cinema on Brayford Wharf on the morning of Friday 15th May at 10am. The event is free, but ticketed – we have a few tickets put aside for fans of the poem let us if you want us to reserve one for you. Coffee will be held afterwards at the New Life Conference Centre, Lincoln.


Tennyson Reading

WAG Screen has just successfully completed a two-day film shoot at Ashby Hall. We filmed Ben Poole as Tennyson narrating his poem The Lady of Shalott to a Victorian audience at Christmas 1856. It was our biggest event yet, having a cast and crew of over fifty people including drama students from Bishop Grosseteste University College and students of period hair and make-up from Retford College. Many thanks to Linda and Eran Bauer for their continued generosity in allowing us to use Ashby Hall as our location (below, the Oak Room) and to everyone who pulled together to make the weekend a success.

Above: The cast from the reading of The Lady of Shalott.
Photograph By: John Bennett


WAG Screen Newsletter No 2


WAG Screen and the Time Team, Sunday 22nd March 2009 ,Channel 4.

On a very cold weekend in April 2008, WAG Screen joined Time Team at a deserted medieval village in Ulnaby, County Durham. Episode 12, The Holloway, features our Luttrell Psalter plough and ploughman (archaeologist – Neil Parker) and some of the Luttrell Psalter costumes.

time_team_1 (1)
Above: The Time Time crew directed by Ben Knappett (left) with Mick Aston (centre) and the Luttrell Psalter ploughman, Neil Parker (with the plough).


The Lady of Shalott

WAG Screen’s latest project is the filmed dramatisation of The Lady of Shalott. As before, the film will be made for The Collection, Lincoln’s museum, and will complement their Tennyson bicentery exhibition. Their exhibition will include many of the Pre-Raphaelite paintings that his poems inspired. Our film will take inspiration from a number of paintings, but especially those of John William Waterhouse.

ashby_hall (1)
Above: The damsels on location at Ashby Hall in Lincolnshire.


WAG Screen wins an award!

WAG Screen has been “awarded recognition as a Highly Commended nomination for the Marsh Archaeology Award for Community Archaeology”. They passed on their “congratulations on the efforts of WAG Screen which are a real credit to community archaeology in the UK”. We will be receiving a certificate signed by leading figures from the Council for British Archaeology and the Marsh Christian Trust.

Well done everyone!


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